Gmail Contacts Missing on Microsoft Surface or Windows 8 Mail App – Step by Step Guide For Getting Them Back

Updated 01/18/2013 – I recently noticed that my Gmail contacts were not synced to my Microsoft Surface.  It appears that the contacts are not something that are pulled over when you set up your Gmail account on the Surface.  You have two options, first you can remove the Gmail account and when you re-add the account select the checkbox during the setup wizard that states: “Include Contacts and Calendar.”  It seems I missed this the first time around.  Your other option is to follow this article below to permanently migrate those contacts to your Microsoft Live account.  So what we can do is import the contacts into the Microsoft Live account, and from that point forward, we will use Read more

Installing Windows Server 2012 in Core Mode – Step by Step – Part II

In the last article we installed Windows Server 2012 in Core Mode but we still need to configure the server.  Now we are going to walk through various options and configuration methods.  You will want to take note of two commands right away, since the only window you will see in Core mode by default is the command prompt.   By typing in “help” at the prompt then hitting “enter” you will find a list of commands available for general system maintenance.  The command I will be focusing on in this lesson is “sconfig.cmd”.

Important note:  Read more

Installing Windows Server 2012 in Core Mode – Step by Step – Part I

If you are like me, I have put off installing Windows Server in Core mode because frankly seeing the OS in a graphical interface helps me think.  However, we are now living in an age where the remote configuration tools are so rich and simplified that it’s high time I got around to diving in to the GUI-less server mode.  So let’s get started!  Read more

Accelerate your journey to the cloud with Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 8.0 Beta!

Accelerate your Windows Server 2012 migration with Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 8.0 Beta. This latest version of MAP adds new scenarios to help plan your environment with agility and focus while lowering the cost of delivering IT. Included in MAP 8.0 Beta are hardware and infrastructure readiness assessments to assist you in planning the deployment of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, preparing your migration to Windows Azure Virtual Machines, readying your environment for Office 2013 and Office 365, and tracking your usage of Lync. 

Facebook App for Windows Surface missing? Here is the Solution in 3 Easy Steps

Update! If you are running Windows 8 or 8.1 you will see the new Facebook app in the Windows Store. While I am still partial to using the web page some of the time, keep reading for the original steps in adding a Facebook tile to the Start Screen:

My wife has been using her new Surface pretty much non-stop since we bought it on opening day.  She has only had one complaint.  “Why is there no Facebook App?  Sure there is the People app but I like Facebook.”  So I told her no problem, lets make a Facebook “app”.  This literally takes 2 minutes at most! Read more

Atlanta Windows 8 DevCamp at Max Capacity!

In the Atlanta #Microsoft office today for the #Windows8 DevCamp, and we are at max capacity!  The Windows 8 excitement is building, are you a part of it?  Tomorrow is the Hackathon where developers will be building the next Windows 8 and Server 2012 apps.  Exciting times at Microsoft!